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Sisvel becomes a member of ETSI

Turin (Italy), April 21, 2008

Sisvel has been accepted as a full member at the 51st ETSI General Assembly.


Patent holders reach agreement on royalty rates for DVB-H

Brussels (Belgium), March 31, 2008

Sisvel is pleased to announce that the establishment of a joint licensing program for DVB-H essential patents is well under way among Orange ...

Sisvel grants ROBERT BOSCH GmbH an MPEG Audio Patent ...

Turin (Italy) and Alexandria, VA (USA) – November 16, 2007

Sisvel S.p.A, and its U.S. subsidiary Audio MPEG Inc., have granted to Robert Bosch GmbH a standard license under the ...

CDMA2000: SISVEL Announces Development of Patent License

Torino (Italy), November 06, 2007

Sisvel announced today that it is acting as the facilitator for the creation of a joint CDMA2000 patent license and is issuing a call for patents ...

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