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Sisvel Technology supports FED 2020

19-20 November 2020

Sisvel Technology, the Sisvel Group’s subsidiary dedicated to providing technical support on IP matters and new business activities, while also serving as the R&D branch of the Gr


Update on Recent Case Law Pertaining to FRAND

19 October 2020

In TCL v. Philips and ETSI the Paris Court retained jurisdiction on FRAND-related litigation in the Telecom sector and dismissed Philips request to shift jurisdiction to England and W


LES USA & Canada Annual Meeting

15-20 October 2020

Antitrust and Patent Law: Crossroad or Intersection?

The question of licensing SEP rights and the implementation of the FRAND declaration’s rule has created different and conflict



Luxembourg, September 28, 2020

Sisvel International S.A. and its affiliates and u-blox AG have entered into a settlement agreement that resolves their ongoing case before the district court of t


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